Have you talked to GOD today?

I don't mean in your usual way

I mean have you really --- talked to GOD today?

You say I'm busy as a bee

I don't have time right now you see

to talk to GOD and listen too,

Means something else I cannot do

So when my commitments are all through

Then I'll see what else I can do

As then I'll have my list for you

I'm not sure you understand

This predicament I have at hand

You ask me to trust you implicitly

But that's not as easy as A B C


Our relationship requires so much more

than your troubled thoughts coming by the score

We need to hold each other’s hand

until you and I begin to understand

That only JESUS’ Love --- can settle our troubled stand.

It's a good thing to go to Zoom and pray

For other requests along the way.

But first did you bend your heart and knee --- Gently To Me...

Deeply checking motives --- to set your Spirit Free

Whom the SON sets free is free indeed.

THEN, come and commune with ME

After gently sitting at My knee

Heart to heart we'll both do our part

Love meets Love --- softly embracing within.

Receiving your answer we'll send it forth

upon Doves wings while Heavenly Angels sing

Now my heart can rest once again

Beating gently within my chest

As truth prevails --- while anxiety fails

Please LORD remind me once more

If ever my soul should struggle sore

to open wide my hearts’ door

To Love YOU more ...and more ...and yet still more