I hear my SONG BIRD singing ---Softly through the trees

Angels ask me - are you looking for us among these

But It's not an angel for whom I’m overcome

As I listen intently to Your Sound

I’m simply overwhelmed

Please sing to me your song---

Enveloped in worship --- Crowned ---

Hear my Song Birds trills - as my body receives her thrills

Basking in the vibrations -- of LOVES -- creative scores

Holy Spirit’s Love --- carried on the wings of a Dove

Tenderly caressing inside of me

As my Song Bird bids my Spirit-- come free --

Now my Spirit can fly higher and higher to see

From where my Song Bird keeps wooing me

The higher I fly --- Sweeter becomes your cry

Singing --- Don’t stop ascending --- Rising higher in Me

Twelve is the number of ascending the free

Setting Divine order for My Government

Upon the Shoulder --- Of My Body under Me

If you (will ) and if you can ( see ) --- You’re the ( one ) in Me

Unlocking Creation -- Setting All Free

Nothing to be done in (man’s) power or might

--- Instead --- It’s My Spirit of Power and Right

To form a people of pure insight

No flesh will boast --- Else (Peter’s) rooster shall crow

To reveal it’s My work --- or the devil we smell

Come away My Beloved --- Shake your garments free

As you enter My Kingdom --- Arising in Me ---

Behold Song Birds beauty --- Soaring in the SON

Glistening Gold and Silver --- Beckoning loved ones come

As through Redemptive Silver they join with the fold

Oh Song Bird --- Oh Song Bird --- it is you I behold

Singing Redemptions Song

Alighted on Calvary’s --- CROSS BAR ---

As they stretched out ---YOUR ARMS ---

Reaching NEAR and FAR

Broken Body for me

As Your BLOOD runs free

BODY BROKEN ---Through the pages of History

BLOOD STREAMING ---Through the ages of time

Do this as often as you do ---In Remembrance of ME

Communing Together in CHRIST’S Family

Two song birds unite in fellowship flight

As often as you do this

MY CROSS You Relight

(BREAD) MY Broken Body -- Bread of Life --- Living Word

(WINE) MY Shed Blood -- Holy Spirit -- Spirit Life is in the Blood

JESUS our Song Bird --- Forever in Flight

HOLY FATHER is Spirit --- Bearing Spirit Life

Resurrected Bodies Singing with Might

Like song birds of heaven fulfilling our Flight

Song Bird oh Song Bird

Sing Softly through our Night

As I close off this writing

It’s been a pleasure for me

Engaging in Song Bird forever free

Saying always remember to ABIDE in ME

Song Bird oh Song Bird keep drawing

My Sister, My Brother and Me

Investing in YOUR LOVE

We’re All set Free

Sincerely --- Your Loving Body and Bride

Sent in Pure Love to you JESUS our Heavenly Pride

No one Sweeter could ever be

All our Love to you --- JESUS DARLING ---

As very soon we will see

Coming in the Clouds of Glory

Our ONE and ONLY

I in my JESUS and My JESUS IN ME