In the Beginning is GOD not seen as Love

From the Beginning is Love not seen as GOD

Love is Supreme Whenever She is Seen
Love is My Lover --- Regal as a Queen

Held Close Enfolded in My Heart ---

Love Sends My Emotions in a Tumbling Co-heart

Without Love --- There is no Meaning to Life
Without Love all that Remains is Death and Strife

What do We Practice Throughout our Day
Is it Flesh or Love that has Becomes our Way

Love Must Surpass Doctrine in Religion I’d Say
In Order for Unity to Remain and Stay

But Some Say No --- Their Doctrine Must Stand

I’d rather be Right Than to Love Every Man

Others in Humility Gently Take Their Place

Saying I’d Rather be Wrong Than Right in This Case

If My Belief is Right --- Yet My Heart a Disgrace

What Profit Me Running a Disqualified Race

No Two Men Can Agree on Everything
Though Tiny Their Division --- Just a Spark to Begin

Love They Say Will Cover over This ---
As JESUS BLOOD Washes Division Away

Then Why Pray Tell Can’t That Principal Stand
When the Stakes Are Much Higher --- Plowing Through Our Land

Was it Necessary to Fan That Small Spark into Flame
And Destroy My Brother For Whom JESUS Came

We Must of Necessity Love Once Again
Showing the World Pure Religion Undefiled as We Claim

My Love Requires No Affirmation from You

My Love I’ll Extend No Matter What You Do

Unconditional Love --- Like FATHERS We’ll Show
Our Unconditional Love Must Forever Flow

Anything Less is Nothing at All
Anything Less Is the Result of the Fall

How Can I Love --- Its Demands are so Tall
How Can I Love --- When I Am so Small

Intimacy Reveals the Place I Must Go
Intimacy Restores My Heart and My Soul

JESUS My LORD is My Source I Adore
JESUS My LORD His Universe to Restore

Simple It Sounds Loving All Mankind

Yet I’ll Never Have This Mind --- Restored and Purified
Till Sin in Me Is Left Far Behind

Now JESUS Must Stand Firm as Captain of My Helm
HIS Love Only Comes From HIS Higher Realm

Anything Less is Like Chickens in Distress
With one Broken Wing Flapping Circles Void of Rest

Our Call Goes Much Deeper Than This Globe and All
Our Call Reaches Universes Desecrated By the Fall

Creatures of The Fall Deplorable to Look Upon
Love these for Me Says JESUS To His Free

Groaning Creation Awaits You and Me
The Manifested Sons Setting Prisoners Free

Ages May Pass for the Foolish Virgin Class

As Mercy and Grace Never Cease to Amaze
Rekindling the Flames of Holy Spirit All Ablaze

Won’t this be Great When Foolish Virgins Retake
Thinking it Through --- Drawing Wisdom from YOU

Time’s Running Out as Fast as Can Be
Time’s Running Out For You and For Me

Wisdom Says Come --- Don’t Diminish Your Call
Wisdom Says Come Wise Virgins and All

Make Straight Your Path --- Clearing Rocks that Fall
Strengthen Your Knees to be Sure You Don’t Crawl

Your Call is Now --- Make Haste to Respond
Don’t Wait Any Longer --- There’s nothing to wait on

In Morning We’ll Awake ---Brighter Light we will take
The Past Will be Over --- New Age to Partake

The Faithful and Few Finish Well in Their Race
Their Rewards From HIS Love --- Overflow With His Grace

Love --- Love --- Adorable Love
You’ve followed after Me Unrelentingly
Opening to Me New Opportunity

You Hold Me So Tight --- Even When I Do Fight
Against Your Delight and Perfect Will for My Right

Love pursues to the End --- As Love Never Bends

Till She’s Anchored My Soul --- to My Calling She Sends

Love --- Love --- Adorable Love
FATHER Runs to HIS Sons--- Greeting Them One and All
Whether Prodigal Runners or Older Brothers Like Me
It Will Always Be HIS Love --- Drawing All Men Free
Reconciling the World --- Including You and Me

To GOD Be the Glory --- Our GOD who is LOVE
So This Is My Story of HIS Love
 from above
Love --- Love --- Adorable Love

Won’t You Come Under His Full Love For Thee
I’m Free --- I’m Free --- To Love Like Thee
Giving YOU Glory --- Forever From Me