MY ONE TALENT AND ME is a lot about personal ability

Spiritual Gifts Come From The External while Spiritual

Talent's Come From The Internal


Matt 25:14-30 --- In a nutshell could also read

I must go at once --- Investing My GOD Given Value

According to My Individual Ability (and not yours you see)


This writing is much about GOD given TALENT as in  (Value)    

And less about Gifts of the Holy Spirit


My One Talent And Me --- Are Different if you can see

From Gifts of the Spirit --- That to all come free


Gifts and Callings of GOD come without Repentance were told

So it's up to YOU and ME --- What their Outcome might be


Don't Mix These Up --- As I Have Both Talents and Gifts for you

As Both are From ME ---  Fulfilling and Helping Your Ministry


I Write This To Show --- What I Can Do

With Only ONE TALENT --- Yes I Said One Talent Will Do


Paul The Apostle Had Five TALENTS You See

Like King David and Abraham --- To Set Men Free


Other Saints May Have Two --- Like Stephen in Scripture we all knew

Giving His All (undoubtedly) The Best Day Of His Call


Then There Is You and Then There Is Me

Along With The Great Cloud Of Witnesses --- Testifying Three


Accepting My ONE TALENT --- I'm Proud As YOUR Son

Let Me Now Show (FATHER) What I Can Do

With Just ONE TALENT Directly From YOU


Unlike The Failure In Scripture I Read

Of The Slothful Servant Who Refused To Heed

Only To Find He Lost All Indeed


As Believers Given Only ONE TALENT --- We've Carried A Bad Rap

Often Being Taught ONE TALENT Is Really Not Enough


So What Did We Do --- But Buried Ours Too

As Our Loss Becomes Extreme --- If We Only Knew


Much Like The Slothful Servant In Scripture

Through Fear Lost It All


So I've Come To Show   --- That's Not The Way It Should Go

Take Time To Listen To My Allegory --- As I Tell You My Story


With My ONE SHINY TALENT --- Yes Only One

Me Thinks My True Value --- In CHRIST --- Has Just Begun


Thank You Dear JESUS --- For Giving To Me

The Opportunity And Honour

To Invest My ONE TALENT Into Others For YOU


I Know That ONE TALENT Surely Is Enough

To Live A Full Life --- Of Victory And Trust


Love ME You Ask --- With All Of My Heart

Surely I Can Do That With ONE TALENT Or Less


I Awake In The Morning --- Along With The Rest

My TALENT All Shining --- Ready To Invest


Where Shall I Go --- My SHINY TALENT To Show

My Neighbour Says Hi--- As In The Morning We Pass By


GLITTERING --- My TALENT --- Catches His Eye

Turning About --- He Laughs With A Shout


Your Looking Great This Morning (Ken)

In This Monday Morning Rain --- As You Pass On Your Way


It's So True Monday Morning Blues

Make A Great Backdrop --- Revealing My Talents Beauty


As I Simply Lay My TALENT Down At Your Feet

In Spite Of Any Inconvenience It May Cost Me At That Moment


So When I Invest My TALENT Into You're Life

I Often Wonder What You See


Is It A Gloomy Natural Talent --- Or Is It The Shining Real Me

As My JESUS Intends To LIVE IN and RADIATE Through ME


Returning YOUR Shining TALENT Back --- Along With Interest Too

As My Neighbour Wants To Meet YOU

To Share A TALENT Or Too From YOU


So I Thank YOU For The Privilege Of Sharing

My SHINY TALENT With My Neighbour And Others Too


As Soon This Age Will Be Consummated And Over

And I'll Join With The Great Cloud Of Witnesses Once Again


In Heaven It's All About YOU JESUS

Displaying What One Or More Shining TALENTS Have Done



Here is My Shiny TALENT ---My LORD --- Please May I Give Them Mine