A DEPTH OF LOVE that was never meant to be

Kept separate -- My Oyster Pearl -- from me


Like Esau first in line for the birthright

Yet Prophecy showed his brother Jacob held the right


As Jacobs Anointed place must fulfil

Yet not through deception to meet GOD"S perfect will


We won't play with that twister Plot

As Jacob and his Mother moved in their twisted thought


This illustration of Jacob and Esau in (some) ways resembles me

In that Esau made a simple mistake

Thinking Jacob would his pottage make


Seeking hard to reverse his decision poor

---LOST IT ALL--- as his flesh ruled sore


Yet GOD his child did not forsake

Giving Esau a nation in spite of his mistake


So now I see a similar story

Breaking forth in my history


As it wasn't meant for another to be

The one destined holding me


Though love was strong and sure to win

Till the Word of GOD did enter in


A decision made in haste that day

Was fate in action some might say!


But the Word of GOD is stronger yet

And nothing man made can sever that


So here I stand with my Angel back

Privileges special she did receive


Returning from heaven to earth for me

Permission granted --- for a time to heal ---


As now and then --- Heavens Angels --- return to men

GOD knew the need was very great

In healing ---time --- would have to take


My Comfort came in JESUS name

Sent by His Angel through whom she came


It took a while to think it straight

Without the other heart to break


At first I reeled too and fro

Not knowing which way I was to go

When suddenly --- The way I knew --- was not ---


Forgiveness I gave the other to save

From a broken heart of a decision gone wrong


So all came to an Abrupt End

As far as deeper Love depends


Still good friends together we stand

As healing in time --- We both will mend


After Jacob wrestled for his night

Found Esau still a brother and friend


So too --- My wrestling night --- emerged at dawn

Limping like Jacob --- to my friend to say


How the call of GOD on my life could never have been

Unless from this deeper Love I was set free


Some would say providence took its place

But only I knew it was all by GOD'S grace


Separated now to serve Day and Night

I give my all --- as stand-alone I must


Like Anna of old never left her hall

Till BABY JESUS --- she held --- fulfilling her call


I too will await for my JESUS --- to hold in my arms

Serving like Anna both day and night


Awaiting my BRIDEGROOM to hold me free

As I know not the hour --- I'll leave it to thee


---  HERE  YOU COME ---    

--- The one I've looked for


Beckoning Me COME



Falling on one knee I adore you still more


Home at last --- YES --- I'M --- home at last

THIS is the DEEPER LOVE that was always meant to be

Resident in my JESUS now residing in me



HIS LOVE never fails as it calls for you to 

Come to HIS side where we all can abide


---     ONE BODY UNIFIED    ---