If I knew I might lose you tomorrow

     Would I treat you in the same regular way ---(MAYBE)

Just a thought to ponder as through each passing moment I wander


Today I have ---What Tomorrow may be Gone

     So I'll treat each lovely moment ---as you’re my special song

I may be right, I may be wrong --- Just saying


Have I got your attention as maybe I should mention 

     Each day has its Value its Power and it’s Might

What I do each day is recorded (Right)


So imagine what JESUS might say 

     If to me you're more gracious in a very special way

Is it too much to expect, making this simple Love check


Being imitators of GOD (walking in HIS LOVE)

     He gave Himself for me He gave Himself for you

Read all about it in Ephesians 5: 1 and 2


 An Offering and a Sacrifice to GOD --- as a sweet smelling aroma     

    STOP --- (Take time) --- to smell these roses Divine

HE gave all HE HAD, Spirit, Soul and the Body HE then knew


Is it asking too much of me and of you 

     To receive from each other this costly touch too

As its CHRIST now caring for me through you


Let me reach out and touch you 

     While your close by my hand

For tomorrow may never come --- But now is still in my command


What must I do, as you look straight through me    

     The decision's still mine --- If possible can this cup pass me by---     

Or must I fulfil it as JESUS to FATHER did cry

     Not my will But Thine be done


As all I thought so important --- I find crumbling at my feet  

     As JESUS Love I know in my person 

I also must repeat