Peering Deeper

 Layer upon Layer, Word within a Word, Deep calls to Deep.

All these sayings will be depicted in the following sentence.

JESUS you're Love's a Mystery

Like Tinsel hung from a Christmas Tree

I just want you to see where a word from Holy Spirit can reach

As from its depth it can actually teach

When I wrote these words a week ago

I knew I couldn't say it all, so I just let it go

Line upon Line. Here a Little there a Little

Take what you may

 Picking Berries from the open branches of the tree

Or seeing a Flame much deeper than you and me

As His Word came to me that day

These were the thoughts I could see

Keep in mind I receive thoughts before I write them in an order

But you read them from the finished order back to my original thought

(#1) I saw JESUS HANGING ON A TREE it was His Cross at Calvary

My guess is many first saw a Christmas tree decorated in tinsel

(#2) Second I saw SILVER TINSEL hanging from the tree

(#3) Thirdly I became aware that silver speaks of REDEMPTION

JESUS is our redeemer setting us free “it’s done” He cried

(#4) Fourthly I realized JESUS IS THAT TINSEL glistening silver from that tree.

(#5) Fifth I noticed the TREE WAS COVERED in tinsel = ALL REDEEMED.

 (#6) Lastly I saw, what most see first, A CHRISTMAS TREE declaring to the world It's ALL ABOUT GOD'S PRECIOUS SON.

 His Love being a mystery

Wraps this story in ribbons of RED

Put it all together and this is what it says

I hope you understood what HOLY SPIRIT said

This mystery is so beautiful, yet concealed to the many

If you can see it all, you see much more than most.

Take what you can, I freely gave it for you.

It is the glory of kings to search out a matter.

We are those Kings and

We are Priests understanding CHRIST’S redemption

 Take eat this is my BODY broken for you

Drink from My Cup My Blood shed too

Drink at the fountain flowing from that tree

It's My mystery of love between you and me.

 Need I say more, it's you I love and adore.

Come closer still, drink my Spirit to your fill.

Won't it be great as together Heaven we partake

I've prepared a beautiful place especially for us.

No not even eternity can contain My increase for you

That's why it's never ending. SELAH