Red Sea Oh Red Sea

Who is it that can ever cross thee

Your red sea waters resting free

From shore to shore they ever been

Trapped in by GOD

It seems so wrong

Impassible ranges side by each

Red sea before

The Egyptian behind

But up comes the WIND

As it begins to roar

Blasting the waters

From shore to shore


To open our door

Moses --- come with your Rod

And staff that comfort me

Stretching out your Rod

Over the Red Sea

Setting Israel free

Testifying of ME

Waters banked high

From side to side

Dry ground on the bottom

Open Heavens to the sky

Fear not MY People

Everything I control

Each aspect is a symbol

For the world will I show

Walls of Water mighty high

On the left and on the right

These Waters of MY Word

Will stand you firm both day and night

Fear not these walls of water

Their MY Word in symbol be

Breaking off the chains of slavery

Setting Israel’s children free

To you there meant to comfort

If only you can see

My word is in the water

As trusting ME you must

Step out on water watching

No more under feet of me

Crossing over on dry ground

That never used to be

I've prepared MY highway well

Clearing out all rock and shell

John the Baptist he came first

Preparing the way his LORD to boast

There is not a thing amis

As I prepare your life for this

Enter this path

You were destined to follow

I will take you across

As a symbol of my CROSS

For you it's liberty

As I press you to the free

Only the grape can fully know

Squeezing of the cluster show

As I press you forward go

New wine will surely flow

To exit your pathway out

Passover feast you must not doubt

Here at the Red sea you must press on for victory

As it's the other side for which you long

As later you will enter in

To Canans’ land of giants tall

Three ways you must obey me

As I prepare your victory

#1---PASS OVER by the BLOOD of the LAMB

#2---PASS THROUGH at the blood red sea

#3---PASS INTO Cain's land of mighty grapes with juice stained hands

As Your enemy is pursuing you

Yet know truly I LOVE them too

Rebellion defies as

Walls of water cry

Forgive them LORD

They know not what they do

Refusing to repent

On Hell they still are bent

What to you

Was a wall of defence

To your enemy becomes

The judgement of HIS word

Yet grace still abounds

As dry ground turns to mud

Walls of water still held back

Perhaps your enemy may not attack

Still you hear me — NOT

As your chariot wheels fall a muck

No turning back

As your enemy still attacks

GOD’S LOVE still abounds

And so does mine

For their salvation to achieve

But NO — they refuse to heed

So the walls of JUDGEMENT fall

As Red Sea waters engulf them all

Sinking my Enemy in their sin

Like that generation had never been

As my God requires of me

Please hear my cry

Don’t let GRACE pass you by

Come while there is time

Sea Walls you can still climb

HIS Water of the Word

Does not my heart disturb

As we’re on the other side

Our enemy has now all died

All glory to you JESUS

As more journey we must pass

But then we’ll rest a while

Then on to our final trial

Till at last we enter in