Come let us reason together of this most important matter


Should it be MY way or your way getting things done


And You are my Son


If you listen to your FATHER --- You can be a wise Son

Building Your House On The ROCK


As a doer of my word --- Not just an Unprepared Listener

Pretending to be spiritual --- Empty as a Blister


That is filled with Water --- But not the WATER of MY WORD

It's a swelling of Flesh --- With a Result Absurd


NOW SAMPSON You have Puzzled many a one

I too was Puzzled as another of GOD'S Sons


Even Your Parents --- Looking at what You have done

Didn't Know It Was Of the LORD in Judges 14:3 we're told


Spending Time Jumping The Fence

Living in Lust --- A Seeming Life of Disgust


Let's take a deeper look

Into what you've done


Maybe Just Maybe --- We Can See a Little More

Than Just the Surface Meaning We All Love to Explore


Judging as a Man --- Before Our GOD We Surely Stand

Going Deeper --- In Revelation We'll Submerge


We'll Take Numbers and the Like --- Revealing Their Meaning Often Hid

Things the Simple Deplore --- Seeking Really Nothing More


IF YOU WANT TO GO DEEPER --- Keep Searching for Your Door

If You Seek ME With ALL Your Heart


You'll Will Find Me Outside KNEELING Knocking On Your Door

PLEASE May I Come In and Sup With You Some More


IN JUDGES 16:3 --- It's SAMPSON Again We See

Lying in a Bed --- With A Prostitute Instead ---


Of Being an Obedient Son

Like Your Parents Envisioned You To Be


OH MY GOD --- Was Your Birth ALL IN VAIN

Can You Not to Us --- This Behavior of Yours Explain


As You Lay Your Head Between Her Two Breasts

Till the Darkest of Night Did Come


Then Up You Got --- Giving Her a Mighty Fright

As You Proceed To Uproot


The Doors Of The City Gate That Night

Together With The Bars and Posts and All


Lifting Them to Your Shoulders

You Carry Them Away High Up To The Top

Of That Mountain Where They Stay


All The While Judging As Many May

Israel Was in Bondage 40 Years They Say


40 Is The Number Of Probation By The Way

Ruled By Their Enemy --- No Freedom Night Or Day


When In The Midst Of Sorrowful Times And Pain

GOD'S LOVE For Us --- Found A Faithful Barren Woman Unnamed

Working In Her Field Of Service As We're Told


When Along Came THE ANGEL --- Declaring A Son You Will Hold

So Off She Ran In Haste To Find Her Husband Manoah


The Man She Loved More than Refined Gold

Telling Him Her Story --- Overjoyed --- Together they Prayed


Can YOU Return To Us Again Oh LORD

Revealing How this Son Of YOURS We May Hold


With Faith Stronger Than The Rock Of Gibraltar

This Faithful Two (Living as One) Staggered Not


Nor Questioned The WORD of GOD

Not To A Jot Or Tittle For Themselves Would they Alter









Their Prayer Of Faith Soon Answered

As The ANGEL of the LORD Appears Once Again


Declaring How To Raise Their Son --- About To Be Birthed ---

From The Barren Womb Of This Faithful Greatly Loved Unnamed Wife

Then On To Raise Him As a Nazarite Like Few Others Of Their Day


JESUS May Have Said Of Manoah And His Darling Wife

I Have Not Seen Such Great Faith --- No Not In This Day


While The Multitudes Revel In SIN Every Way

These Two Desire ME All Through Their Day


Can You Imagine How This Makes ME Feel

After Casting MY LOVE On The Waters Of Destiny

Their LOVE Has Come Back To Roost On ME


Surely This Godly Couple --- Hold the Highest Honour Yet

Being a Type Of MY Bride (The Church) And ME


About To Give Birth To Our Present Day Delivers (On Mt Zion)

So Let's Listen Intently To What They Say

Not Allowing a Single Word From Them To Pass Away


JESUS Cried Aloud --- Who Is This Woman Who Is Loving On Me

Unashamed In Public As You Surly Can See


OH MY GOD --- That Woman HE Speaks Of --- Has To Be Me

As I Hold YOU Close Soon YOUR Bride To Be


My One And Only One who Died For Me  Hung On  Calvary's Cruel  Tree

Many Others Have Sought For My Love

But Only One Has Captured Me


It's You My Darling Lover --- It's You My Precious Groom

Hold Me Close My Special ONE ---  Cause ---

This time I'm Not Going to Let YOU Go


The Schualimite And I Have This in Common

It Took Us Both A While To Figure These Things Out

But Once We Got It Figured You're Not Getting Away

Well Cling To You Forever No Matter What YOU Say


Our Love Has Clasped Each Other --- As I'm Not Ashamed To Show

How My LOVE Has Come Full Circle --- To Forever Roost I Know

In Love's Final Resting Place --- As My Heart Will Surely Show


Gentle Dove --- Come --- And Coo Your Love Softly In My Ear

Cheek To Cheek And Cheek To Precious Beak

Upon Your Wings Of Beauty

Comfort Me My Dove --- As You Gently Carry My Love ---

Upon Your Wings Of Beauty --- To Love's Glorious Place Of Rest


Peace My Dove --- There Is No Reason To Fear

In This Love Of Ours --- Where Peace Is Always Near


JESUS In Me As I Am In HE --- Holy DOVE Of Pure LOVE

Together Our Trinity Makes Three


This KING Of All Lovers Has Captured My Heart

Intimacy Claims --- My JESUS My DOVE And Me ---


Oh Love Of GOD Forever Gently Hover Over Us

Two Breast's To Caress - Like Two White Doves - Twin's Of One Mother


Note The Similarities Between

My Two Breasts Of LOVE And My Two DOVES Of Purity


Both Are Extremely Gentle And Both

Quickly Take Flight At the The Slightest Danger Or Abuse

 =Most Of The Body Is Touchable Like

The foot The Hand The Hair (that one is a little touchy too LOL)


But come near Her Breast And she Takes Flight Right Away

So Spend Time My Lover --- Be Gentle With Me

Time Will Reveal --- As True Love I Can Feel


Come Mighty Warrior --- With Your Gentle Touch ---

Come Mighty Sampson Laying Your Head

Between My Two Doves Receiving Their Loves


My Fingers Your Long Nazarite Hair I'll Caress

As Between My Two Doves I Can Feel The Warmth Of Your Face


Reclining In Love's Grace --- No Words Can Express

Stay As Long As You Like

My Two Doves This Time Won't Take Flight


There Here For You To Enjoy --- Their Pure Love For The Night

Or Should I Reveal This Matchless Love

Extends Through The Ages --- The Ages Of GOD'S Love ---


Oh LOVE OF GOD --- Still No Words Can Express

So I'll close With This Thought


You Determine Your Lot

By The Depth Of Your Love

You Are Yearning To Bestow On ME


The Bride And The Groom Say Come

And Let Whosoever Is Thirsting For MY LOVE (Please Come)


I Will In No Wise Cast Out --- Your Deep Love For ME

Rather I May Shed A Tear Of Delight

Knowing In Purity You've Sought ME Out


With Eyes For No Other --- Won't You Come Under

MY Covering Of Anointed Love Prepared Especially For You

So We Can Love Each Other --- Just You And Just Me


Intimacy I've Won By The Grace Of Your SON

Intimacy Is Mine As In Your Arms I Recline


No More Fear As I Trust You Implicitly My Dear

Take My All --- This is Your Night And This Is Your Call

Do You Know Love Like That


That's Love Only My JESUS Can Expect From Me

As I Lay My All On Your Altar Of Love


Love Birthed From Above --- Yet Developed Down Here

Isn't LOVE Beautiful And Lovely Too


Accept My LOVE Dear JESUS --- I Give My All Only For YOU

My One And Only YOU Who Gave YOUR All

To Lift Me Into YOUR Embrace

Face To Face --- Penetrating My Eyes With Your LOVE


Held Captive Forever --- Am I Dreaming A Dream Or Is This For Real

Faith Tells Me It's True

You Have Found Me And Bound Me In Holy Wedlock To YOU


Gently Caress Me My Darling --- For I Am Faint With Your LOVE

My Dream Has Come True As I Find Myself Married To YOU


Here To Stay --- Leaning On My BELOVED --- What More Can I Say

I'm Eternally Glad It Turned Out This Way

Thank You My Lovely JESUS