In The Quietness Of The Unsuspecting

The CovId Snake Slithers In

All I May Feel Is Tiredness To Begin

But His Fangs Doug Deep

As I took His Venom In

His Purpose Is To Kill And Destroy

That 's Always Been His Evil Ploy

As The Venom Takes Its Toll

Body Aches , Throat And Soul

Fear Tells Everyone Not To Come Near

So Alone I Lay In GOD'S Presence To Pray

STAY AWAY --- STAY AWAY --- I Hear The Medics Say

As Alone I Lay Night And Day

I Remember As Just A Lad

If I Got Sick And It Was Bad

Mothers Hand Held Mine In The Middle Of The Night

As Her Loving Care Made Most Things Right

When Will We Awake To The Deception We Now Take

JESUS Held The Lepers Hand  Nor 6 Feet Apart Did They Ever Stand

Come Close To Me So I Can Show The Same LOVE As HE

As We Kick Fear In THE Teeth That's Not Part Of Our Kingdom Belief

In The Darkest Of Night --- I Hallucinate

Waking Delirious And In Quite A State

Hour After Hour I Awake To Hear My Voice

As I Mutter To Myself

Trying To Understand My Dreams So Bizarre

Hour After Hour In A Daze I Remain

Waiting For Morning A New Day To Claim

Shaking And Tired I Get Up And Dress

Another Long Night Has Passed As I Wander

Just How Long --- This Is Going To Last

No One To Change My Sheets

No Partner To Bring Me Treats

Alone I Stand Or Fall

 --- As My Family That Week Had Traveled Afar

Still I Press On Tired And Worn

As I Was More Fortunate Than Many You See

As Some Lost Their Lives

Which Could Have Been Me

It's Not Over Yet So This Writing Is Incomplete

Yet I Feel I Made My Point I Hope Some Will Keep

JESUS Death On The Cross Is Our Answer

By Who's Stripes We Were Healed --- If We Truly Can Receive

JESUS Also BRUISED The Serpent's Head

Who Has No More Authority Only Fake Instead

With The Resolve Of A Martyr I Now Stand

Having Done All At His Command


As Under HIS BLOOD Remains My Story


                     THANK YOU JESUS