Suggested scripture   Rom 12: 1- 2  

Be not conformed to this life ---

(or to this religious life) for that matter


False Prophets everywhere

Don't let them become a snare


The Apostle is just the beginning

Not the end all


Where would we be if He --- the Apostle---

Didn’t introduce us to the Teacher

And the other three ---Evangelist

Pastor and Prophet these be


Foundations (Apostles) were never meant to live on

But rather to build on


Sonship is exciting as can be

But without a further purpose

What differeth --- You from Me


A Son is a Son

For all eternity


But it's what a Son can become

That set's creation free


Boast all you like

Of your Sonship and right


But I'm going to ask

What is my future task?


Sons can be foolish or wise

Best take up your Cross and arise


Be not afraid

To ask questions of FATHER --- Like ---


Will I be similar

In nature to thee --- or ---


Is it possible I'm from another sphere

Seated in Heavenly places I'm told


Light of the World

From Heaven I unfold


There must be more

If for me the Vale was Torn


From top to bottom

Jacob's Ladder to explore


To join the two

A portal into Heaven HE blew


So here I am

With Heaven's sent plan


Thy Will be done

On Earth as it is in Heaven


Arise My Sons and Daughters

End time Revelations have come


Freeing Sons and Daughters ---

From man's traditions --- RUN ---


Open your Heart

There is so much more


Tell HIM your thoughts

Your mind to explore


Love HIM with your heart

But also with your mind


Like it takes both Spirit and Soul

Making Sons and Daughters whole


Isa 54 suggests I arise and explore

Stretching my tent pegs for so much more


We can stop like the many

Or ascend to Heavens door


The past age is fading and finished

First fruits of new are now at my door


Though none go with me --- yet still ---

I'll continue to explore


I wonder --- Do we realize our potential

As New Creatures in CHRIST JESUS


Think --- I'm to use the Mind of CHRIST

What does that mean to me?


Should I be Manifesting more

The CHRIST Life in me


Ask --- Why did GOD raise me to be

A New Creature In CHRIST JESUS (anyway )


What is HIS intention for me

Am I afraid to explore my future


Will HE find FAITH in me

When HE Returns


There is faith for salvation

And there is faith like Abraham and Sarrai had


There is Life and then

There is Abundant Life


Abundant Faith

Produces Abundant Life


Abundant Life is

The Life of the Ages


This present Age is closing

As the New has Begun


Overlapping at present

The coming of the NEW

Prophecies the old is through


Where do you see yourself

In the New or are you through


I say it's just begun

First Fruits of Heaven

--- Look out --- Here we come



Our Faith takes new Flight


I Believe

Therefore I Receive


Is physical death

Your doorway to Heaven


Others like Paul and I say

We shall not all die


But we shall be CHANGED

Can you see the twinkle in my eye


Faith sees before others die

Brothers and Sisters

Rising to the Sky


Come believe the Best

Leaving CHRIST take care of the rest


What we think and talk in

Surely we must walk in



Through donkeys or men


Hear what HE Says

On your life it depends


Don't allow yourself to be Offended

By mice or by men


Stay Focused on JESUS

Our Lover and Friend


Words to Ponder

Words to Bring


I yearn for my LOVER

I yearn for my KING


You can't learn to Win

If you first can't learn to Loose


I count it all loss

That I may gain CHRIST

And die on HIS CROSS


HE set before me today

Life and Death


Therefore Choose LIFE said HE

What more can I say



               OUR BRAND NEW DAY--------