When I call Your Name

My heart turns to flame

With tongues of fire

My praises rise higher and higher still

While Into the inferno I must go

Like Shadrach. Meshach and Abednego

Two men walking free in the fire I see

The other stands much higher than me

Your eyes are ablaze

While into mine you affectionately gaze

With your feet of molten brass

Judgement comes to sin at last

Baptised into your burning sea of glass

Deeper, deeper till I'm free at last

Fathers Throne now all ablaze

Blasting flames of fire as the heavens admire

Fire spans this universe

From heaven to hell and all in between

Your fire is pure, your fire is clean

Your fire is holy and your fire is serene

Three Crosses driven into stony ground

Dividing Heaven from Hell as now it must be

One cross denies as his curses arise

The other cross cries Lord remember me

On the middle Cross hangs

Fathers Precious Son

Paying the ransom for two thieves and me

For the repentant heart it's Paradise today

But the hardened one will be ages away

Jesus you suffered by far the most

Over hell you can and you do boast

I hope we can see

There's only one fire setting all men free

It's Fathers burning desire of Love

To bring His creation much higher above

The time can now be to set our spirits free

If Christ's Love Fire we will embrace till heaven we grace

Or ages can pass if we resist to the last

This choice we hold in our hearts I’m told

So let's not fumble the ball

As this could be our last call

I'm falling more in Love with you

JESUS on the middle Cross

As you passed through the flames of FATHER'S Intense Love

 Come to Me you cry through your tears of Victory, to Paradise,

My gift of life and love for you eternally